Monday, September 8, 2008

Election 08

Obama forest friends

Earlier this summer i worked with Jib Jab on their 2008 election short.I did a few character and environment explorations for the Obama sequence.I had a lot of fun working with Ian Worrell and Philip Vose, two of my classmates that i graduated with this year.


Team Diana said...


I was in the audience at the Tonight Show when the premiered the short and I tell you one, I DIED LAUGHING during the Obama sequence. I think that was *everyone's* favorite part (it was definitely mine). You all did an amazing job, but you did an *especially* amazing job :) But really, how many times can I tell you that you're amazing before it becomes meaningless?

I'm sorry I've been a terrible friend and haven't called you since you left. Give me one week (I just today started moving into my VERY OWN ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT) and once I get all unpacked and set up... the SECOND I'm done, I'll be dialing your number ok?

Gee said...

omg, the best part!

Melvina said...

Hi Christian! I know this is an older post but I LOOOVVEE the cut-out art you did here!! especially the one of Obama on a white unicorn, LOLLLL! P.S. I envy you living in SF :D

Anonymous said...

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