Monday, October 29, 2007

Color Script

Visual development for my film. When i was younger i had a huge fascination with Dinosaurs, I think making this film will be pleasing to my inner child. The story is based off an illustrated poem that i came across over the summer. Even though i love sharing my own stories through animation, i thought it might be nice this year to focus my energy into the sound and the image (cut down on the stress).

Spike tailed creatures

The film I would like to create this year is about the life of a Dinosaur. I made these watercolored Stegosauros's before i had made my final desicion of using a sauropod instead.

Stegosaurus sketches

Mahoney's class

This is something i made a few weeks ago in Mahoney's illustration class. The assignment was to create an illustration that could serve as a poster for the Circus. I really enjoy taking the opportunity to just play around with different techniques and mediums in the class. In this piece i used marker, ink, colored pencil and paper cut out.

123 Sauropods

I made these in photoshop, i used scanned textures and patterns for the skin.This was an attempt for me in expirmenting with digital art.