Thursday, December 3, 2009

Urban Outfitters Exhibition!!!

Animals: Polar bear, Moose, Wolf, Wooly Mammoth, Snowy Owl, Penguin,
Snow Monkey, Arctic fox, Snow Leopard, Narwhal Whale

Thank you Jeremy and Scott for helping me construct the display.

I'm really really happy to have an art exhibit at Urban Outfitters in Downtown San Francisco. It took a month of sawing, sanding and painting to put together this winter themed display. Working with wood was new and challenging for me, but also an exciting and different medium to play with. There are 10 animal designs, 2 of each so 20 pieces in total. If anyone is interested in purchasing one just send me a message. I will be having an email auction and will sale to the highest bidder! My starting price is $50.

Happy Holidays!