Friday, October 21, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Like many of you out there, I LOVE children's books! Perhaps like myself, you may gravitate towards classic children's stories from a time long ago. You might also agree that some of the children's literature of today lack a certain kind of magic. As I'm beginning in my path as an illustrator, I can only hope to create work that inspries, makes a positive impact, and is magic!

Thank goodness for Mac Barnett, a very charming guy who writes very charming children's stories. Mac is the brains behind this manifesto.  He was able to put into words what so many who create & love children's books have been feeling. The stunning art and hand written lettering for the proclamation was beautifully done by Carson Ellis. I still think of myself as an aspiring children's book illustrator, so to be mentioned in the same sentence, let alone as a signatory for this proclamation, with all these artist that I admire was pretty unreal. Thank you universe for being so friendly, kind and keeping things magical.
The Proclamation is being featured in the Nov/Dec Horn book a publication about books for children and young adults. To get a better look at the Document you can go to The Picture or join the conversation being had on Twitter & Facebook.