Friday, October 30, 2009


Last week in Junk Art i had my class create art out of old fruit holding cartons. The idea came to me as i was walking past a farmers market and saw these awesome fruit holders about to be thrown out. I love the wobbly shapes in the cartons and became inspired to create characters within them.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

*Nuts & Bolts*

I have some exciting news. I'm a teacher! well more like an instructor for an after school program. Once a week i teach Junk Art to a class of 5 kids K-2 grade. In my class students learn about recycling and how to make art out of used plastic bottles, egg cartons, cardboard boxes and things like that. For our first class we made what i call a Nuts and Bolts Collage. The kids did such a great job on this assignment, that i thought i'd share their work with you.

Mr. Robinson have you seen Meet the Robinson's?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bounce Commercial

A while back i entered this competition to produce a commercial for Bounce (the laundry detergent Brand) I thought it would be a good exercise to keep up my After Effects and Final Cut Skills. Ever since graduating and not actively creating a film, i've been concerned that i might forget how to use those programs : ( I still haven't received any word about who won. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, well see!

Intel Illustration Gig!

About a week ago I was working at the Intel Developer Forum ( a convention where Intel shows all their new gizmos and gadgets) My Job was to brainstorm and illustrate things on these giant white boards. I was basically there to be background for the event and entertain all the computer software geniuses. When i was in High School I used to love doodling on the class white boards, so it was pretty sweet getting paid to do this.