Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Little Corky

Mr. Owl

Aunt Jemima


Mr. Owl, Geoffery, Peach, Aunt Jemima, Carl


Student Works

This is my Latest assignment for Junk Art class. Don't worry I'm not an Alcoholic, that's not my collection of wine bottle corks. I go to this amazing store in Oakland that collects all sorts of Junk and sells it for almost nothing. I think this was a hit with my students, they really got into it and took it in directions i didn't even think about.

Yuri Norstein

I met my hero Yuri Norstein. I went to a screening of his past works and latest unfinished animation Overcoat. Yuri is doing a tour in the states trying to raise money to finish up his film. I want to be like him when i grow up, I think his work is the most beautiful man made thing i know! He doesn't speak english and i don't speak Russian, so i couldn't tell him how much of an inspiration his work has been for me. My signed print of concept art from his animation The Fox and the Hare is my new most treasured thing.