Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wedding Gift

I don't know if you folks have noticed or not, but i have been going through a phase where all i want to make is paper-cut out crafty things. These little pieces are a gift to my brother and his wife who tied the knot over the weekend. My new sister in law comes from a Thai family who are practicing Buddhist. So in respect of her parents and also just for the sake of trying something different the wedding was held in a traditional Thai-Buddhist marriage ceremony.
Oh yeah! So the Gift is supposed to be a collection of charms that will ensure my brother and his wife have a long happy life together. For example the Snail represents Patience, which is an important characteristic to have in any relationship. The Lion is meant to remind them to not allow pride to come between them. I don't want to give all the meanings away, perhaps you can try and guess what some of the others are about?

My Brothers Wedding ( Thai-Buddhist Style)

Isn't it pretty?

During the ceremony everyone sat and listened to the Monks as they chanted for about 2 hours. "Yeah ! I know"

Nigel & Montip dancing at the reception, held in my Aunt's backyard.