Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fresh Produce

The Politician: Acrylic 9 x 12

Hi, I've been painting, here are a few pieces I've recently created for an up coming group exhibition and sale. It's been challenging but also motivating to force myself to bust out new stuff. What if people don't like it? Hey! you know better than that, don't worry what others think, create something that means something to you, and maybe some might feel it too. -Dialog from Christian Robinson's head.

American Solders: Acrylic 8 x 20

It would seem the U.S. Army is becoming more inclusive and more accurately portraying the diverse country it protects. Recently U.S. citizens of the Sikh religion were permitted to serve while still maintaining their articles of faith. DADT is currently still being enforced but according to national polls majorities of American voters think gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly in the military and that the "don't ask, don't tell" policy constitutes discrimination.


Sad Prince: Acrylic 12 x 12

Cargo Ship: Acrylic 8 x 8  

December 3, 2010 - January 8, 2011 my art will be apart of a group Exhibition and sale: Fresh Produce, at Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose CA. Click here: more info about show.


Unknown said...

These are beautiful Christian! I especailly like the Sad Prince, the Cargo Ship, the American Soldiers and the Politician. They are my favourite in this post.

samacleod said...

I feel the same way sometimes. I worry my peers think I am taking steps backwards with my art, but in fact I'm just finding my comfort/pleasure zone. I LOVE that last bottom you posted, the ship with the containers, so cool. Hurry with that shop maintenance! ;)

Daron Leah Nefcy said...

These are all so fun and unique!

Team Diana said...

I don't think you are capable of producing art that I don't LOVE.

Christian Robinson said...

Thank you beautiful people!

Eimhin- I'm glad you like them all, you are my favorite.

Steve- Wow, thanks for sharing that, I think we're all wired a certain way, Maybe you too find it hard to settle on one way of working.

Daron- Thank you, I like that you use the word fun.

Diana- I dont think you are capable of posting a comment that doesn't place the biggest smile on my face.

jonathan said...

all so good!

philip vose said...

me next christian, compliment me next...oh yeah, these few images of yours are fantastic and make me want to be, well, better. thanks :-)

Leo Matsuda said...

Beautiful paintings, Christian!!! I love the little soldiers and the horse design is terrific!! :)