Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Little Corky

Mr. Owl

Aunt Jemima


Mr. Owl, Geoffery, Peach, Aunt Jemima, Carl


Student Works

This is my Latest assignment for Junk Art class. Don't worry I'm not an Alcoholic, that's not my collection of wine bottle corks. I go to this amazing store in Oakland that collects all sorts of Junk and sells it for almost nothing. I think this was a hit with my students, they really got into it and took it in directions i didn't even think about.


Emil said...

I lurrvve these!! What a clever idea! I'm no alcoholic myself, but I sure drink a lot. I've always thought of ways to recycle my bottles or corks.... this is such a clever idea! Thank you!!!


jonathan said...

ofcourse. wine corks.

aunt jemima is brilliant. it's pretty wack that they STILL have a "cheerful" black slave woman as the company logo. I love this recreation though, straight to the point.

samacleod said...

These are amazing. You are awesome, Christian.

Sadie Figueroa said...

Wow these are great Christian, your students are so talented.

It was nice seeing u too...."C" is his namo and he has a blogo too.

Joey Chou said...

Love Aunt Jemima!!!

Daron Leah Nefcy said...


Sun said...

you're so creative!

Gia Park said...
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Gia Park said...

wow.. I have so many wine corks,and didn't know what to do with them.. this is brilliant! so cute :D

Stella said...


Christian Robinson said...

Thank you all! I'm glad i was able to share some useful idea's on what to do with you're junk.


lorelay bove said...

These are so much fun! Christian... you are always full of surprises. Good ones!

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