Thursday, October 8, 2009

*Nuts & Bolts*

I have some exciting news. I'm a teacher! well more like an instructor for an after school program. Once a week i teach Junk Art to a class of 5 kids K-2 grade. In my class students learn about recycling and how to make art out of used plastic bottles, egg cartons, cardboard boxes and things like that. For our first class we made what i call a Nuts and Bolts Collage. The kids did such a great job on this assignment, that i thought i'd share their work with you.

Mr. Robinson have you seen Meet the Robinson's?


brigette b said...

AWWW! Teaching is the best!

Katy has quite a sculptural understanding of shapes, doesn't she?!

Daron Leah Nefcy said...

oooooh!!! How wonderful! Can 23 year olds take your class?

Zar Galstyan said...

Oh my goodnesss!!! What a treat those kids are in for, that is so great Christian! You can really see the way they think through these! Hats off to you Mr. Robinson!

Kelly Shon said...

These made me smile...:)

Destiny Wood said...

thats so cool

Ivan Aguirre said...

Aww thats awesome. What a great oppurtunity. These kids are young contemporary artist. I love to see what kids can do as far as art because In a way their conception of things is Pure.

jonathan said...

mister robinson!
i feel like katie might be on to something.

Christian Robinson said...

Thank you, thank, thank you!

* Brigette: Katy was the only one who decide to build up. She's got skills!

* Daron: You'll have to talk to the administrative office, also it's a pretty fancy private school, you might have to take out a few loans : )

* Thanks Zar: Working with kids is fun, i feel lucky to be inspired by them.

* Kelly: you make me smile.

* Ivan: I agree, kids are automatic artist, the create for the joy of it.

philip vose said...

what a nice job. kids and art...two wonderful things in life.

lorelay bove said...

Awesome Christian! And Congrats!

Anonymous said...

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