Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Business Card

Making a business card is kinda stressful. I was getting all freaked out trying to make an image that represents my work. So i did what i always do when i don't know what to do... kept it simple. Thank you BRIGETTE BARRAGER for creating such an awesome post about your business card. It pushed me to get my act together. "Does this make sense or is it weird" as Dan Hansen would say. Any suggestions out there blog folk?


Maanav MJ Sandhe said...

the space seems a bit overwhelming even though the planets and such are small, what if the space was removed all together?

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Agreed. I like the way you used the cut-out elements on the front. Outer space on the back is cool because it's unexpected, but I think it's a bit out of place on this card. Perhaps something simple and cut-out looking instead to keep it consistent?

brigette b said...

It took me a second to figure out that the dino's eyes were dotting the i's in your name, but that's a quick fix: just scoot the text up a little bit. As for the backside, I do like it, BUT if you consider the backside of your card to be important real estate for you to represent yourself and your art to people who don't know you, then it's not being used as well as it could. It kinda says "I do awesome dinosaur cut outs" on the front, and then the back says "...also, the UNIVERSE!...and my phone number." Why don't you bust out some of your awesome plants and flowers on the back? Or some little tiny dinos? Just pretend it's a little art piece and go to town!

Anyway, that's just like, my opinion. It looks good so far, even if you don't change anything!

Christian Robinson said...

Thank you, for your comments, MJ, Pumml & Brigette. I appreciate your guys thoughts.

I think everyone is in agreement, "outer space is cool", but perhaps not for my business card.

MJ- hope your doing well.

Pumml- I'm totally feeling you!

Brigette- Wow! thanks a lot, your attention to detail is awesome. I get what your saying, and i love the way you say it, you're so funny : )

Thank you, thank you

Unknown said...

I used to get my business cards through 48HourPrint, it's easy & savvy too.

jonathan said...

i think it should be.. moss covered.

i like the outer space. lol. but I do think you could represent yourself better with more of your charming cut-out magic.

pseudo monk said...

I love you work. It's whimsical, honest, and sweet. I love the illustrations on your card and I applaud you're freaking/figuring it out. I've done the same many times and can't say I've come up with much better for my businesses :-) If I were to critique it there's a little tension for me on the full text side with 'Robinson' just below the blue-paw foot, specifically the point in you last name, "in" just below that paw. ".com" being so close to the plant is a little tense too. It would be wonderful if there was a way to make text of your own that flows w/in this back series of graphics. What's easier on my eye is the black-space to the left of your full-text name/phone/blog. On the name side only, while I love the eye's being dotted (and I'm guessing Arial Round MT Bold?), I'm wondering the same again, is there a way for you to make your own text? Your name competes a little too much with those awesome dinosaur creatures - what if you just took out your name on that side and made that more of a scene? The terridactals flying above? Your work shows the glowing you that I've met (just a little!) - Kenji

Anonymous said...

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