Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mon Petit Artiste

A while back I worked with a client who wanted me to design a logo for their business. My goals were to create an iconic character or image that would communicate the purpose of establishment; A space for children and creativity. The little elephant at top was chosen for the final logo. It's spring... Yaaay :O)


Unknown said...

These are beautiful Chris!
I especially like the first set of birds and the foxes painting with their tails. Keep em coming!

Momo said...

That sure is a cute elephant. I too like the pair of birds.

Daron Leah Nefcy said...

Aww, these are fantastic!

Team Diana said...

I would have a hard time picking out a favorite :)

Christian Robinson said...

Eimhin: Thank you very much sir! I think the client thought the birds were a bit too cartoony for a logo. but I'm glad you like em.

Diana: I pic you as my favorite :O)

Thanks to all ya'll, i appreciate your comments.

Sadie Figueroa said...

Omg, Christian these are great!!! I would love to have any of them up on my wall :D

Anonymous said...

your work is amazing!
beautiful logo, i speacially love the elephant!

Melvina said...

Oh my GOODNESS I love these
Especially the one at the very top!!

Gia Park said...

haha.. These are adorable!!! I love your designs and ideas! I should show these to my young little students!

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